What To Remember When You’re Experiencing Fibromyalgia Fatigue


Today, someone referred to my fatigue as “laziness”. It wasn’t said in passing, it was said with pure maliciousness.

On occasion, I will say “I’m so sick, I can barely get out of bed. It makes me feel terrible, and lazy.” Those are MY feelings. However, THAT DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE ELSE THE RIGHT TO SAY IT TO ME. If you don’t live my pain every single day for a year, then you don’t actually understand and no, you’re not “being patient”, you’re throwing my illness in my face and that is UNACCEPTABLE. If I had said “Someone said I was lazy because of my illness.”, this person would disagree and remind me how hard my body is fighting pain every single day, but like I said, it came from a place of maliciousness.

It’s important not to get too comfortable anywhere, with anyone. I can forgive a person at times, chalking up their venom to a bad day, but other times, I make sure to remember precisely what was said and how.

I used to accomplish more on a “lazy day” when I was healthy, then other people could accomplish in months, so I’m going to let this one fly, but no, I haven’t forgotten or forgiven it. I was raised better and smarter than that.   



Kratom: Should The Herb Blamed For Numerous Deaths Be Banned

Kratom: Should the Herb Blamed for Numerous Deaths Be Banned?

I’m sick of Kratom being demonized and blamed for deaths when I haven’t seen toxicology reports to prove anything. I know people who’ve used it for decades, and they can stop taking it if they feel okay. Pharmaceutical companies are afraid they’ll lose money because this is available in most states, but not all. They’ll attack anything that keeps them from getting richer. If a natural herb provides pain relief to millions, I am all for it.