Full Stag Moon In Capricorn


Tonight is the Full Stag Moon, so called because young male stags will start to grow their antlers at this time. It is also called the Thunder Moon because of the thunderstorms brought on through the hot and humid air.

Change or be changed is the message of this Full Moon. Since the Summer Solstice you should have felt a sense of something shifting, both within yourself and within the outside world. This is because we have crossed a line. The first half of the year is over. We have now entered the second half of the year. This a good time to look back over the past six months and what you have learned, what you have lost, and what you have gained. Take lessons from what you have learned; good or bad and use them in your future endeavors whether this be in work, relationships, or family.

Tonight’s Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, Things could get interesting, to say the least, This is an atmosphere ripe for outbursts that are highly emotional. Emotions could hit extremes of both highs and lows and everything in between, with quick, inexplicably loony shifts. We will experience storms in the sky and a few storms in our lives under the influence of the thunder Moon energy. We may find ourselves in unexpected mood swings; one minute sad, the next minute happy for no reason. We may experience vivid, weird dreams, but don’t worry this will soon pass.

The Capricorn Full Moon will give us strength to work out what we need in our lives. Now is the perfect time to look into work or finances. A good saying is ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’, which is the Capricorn motto. If there are any jobs you have been putting off, do them now. If you want to give up a bad habit, use the energy of this Moon to do it. Look into money-making projects; it may be a promotion at work or a project you could start that will bring financial rewards. Many people call this the ‘Money Moon’ because it has the potential to bring you wealth or extra income.

Tonight’s Full Moon will be about building foundations for the future, to make ourselves feel more secure in our surroundings and financially. We can only be happy when we feel safe and secure in our own homes and environment. Be ambitious, go for what you want, or put plans into place to get what you want in the future. Be braver, be bolder. You will have an inner strength now that will pull you through anything that comes up against you.

Capricorn is the zodiac’s worker sign; the noble protector and soldier. Be your own hero, be a soldier, tackle any problems head on, deal with anything that has been bugging your life, come to grips with what is holding you back, break down walls and barriers that are stopping you from moving forward.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to heal your spirit. Soak up the intensified energy of the Earth and let it cleanse you.

Have a Blessed Full Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written & photo credit: Wicca Teachings

Edited by: Lisa Marino 

Full Flower Moon In Scorpio


Tonight will be the Full Flower Moon, named because of all the flowers blossoming and blooming at this time. May’s Full Moon is also known as the Bright Moon because it is very bright, and the Corn Planting Moon because this is the time when farmers would normally plant corn for it to be ready for the harvest.

Like nature at this time; we are blossoming, we are growing day-by-day with the strength of the Sun. Much like solar panels, we are soaking up the Suns’ energy. The Full Moon is in Scorpio and it shines its light in the darkest places, encouraging us to peer in and see what’s there. Things that were once hidden will show themselves to us, we will be able to see ourselves and others in a whole new light and look at our lives more clearly.

Like a snake shedding its skin as a form of renewal, the Full Moon in Scorpio calls to each of us to shed the layers that are ready, bringing a rebirth, allowing a new skin to emerge. Welcome change, allow your light to penetrate the dark areas of fear, shame, and deep-seated resentment that lies hidden underneath. Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life. Use the potential of the Full Moon to symbolically die, in order to be reborn.

On this Full Moon, emotions will be raw. We may find we are feeling a flow of different emotions and a feeling of being pulled in many different directions. Let the waters of Scorpio cleanse your emotional pain and heal you of negative feelings.

The Scorpio Full Moon will bring lessons in self-transformation pulling you toward a more effective destiny, such as moving on to bigger and better things. Continue to maintain balance as you clean up the residue of what is already fractured in your life to allow new and positive beginnings to start. We are now in a new era, and are on the threshold of things beginning to develop a lot more quickly than they have in recent months. While things may still feel somewhat slow, they are about to quicken in a big way.

These are magnificent times. Change and life shifts are to be welcomed. Let the energy of this Full Moon help you see where you are emotionally stuck and resistant and surrender to the universal gifts that is coming your way. Let the waters of Scorpio wash over you and heal and cleanse your spirit.

Have a Blessed Full Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written & photo credit: Wicca Teachings

Edited by Lisa Marino

Blessed Beltane


Beltane blessings to all.

Beltane is a major Pagan festival called a Sabbat. It is the union of the God and Goddess. The word Beltane means ‘Bright Fire’. It is named after the God Bel, an ancient Celtic God. It is a fire festival and it is traditional to build a fire on Beltane night to honor the Sun Gods.

Beltane is a fertility festival, This is the time when the God and Goddess come together. It is the height of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Earths energy is very strong and potent with new life everywhere, Beltane is also the start of the farming calendar.

Fire is believed to have purifying qualities. It cleansed and rejuvenated both the land and the people. The ritual welcoming of the sun and the lighting of the fires was also believed to ensure fertility of the land and the people. Animals were transferred from winter pens to summer pastures, and were driven between the Beltane fires to cleanse them of evil spirits and to bring fertility and a good milk yield.

In Celtic times, it would be traditional to build a big bonfire in the center of the village and have a big feast. Young men and women would dance around the maypole while many people would marry in a hand-fasting (a Pagan wedding). People wishing to find love or conceive would jump over a Belfire for luck in love and fertility.

Light a small belfire on Beltane and make wishes into the flames. Let the fire burn itself out. Burn anything that has negative connotations in the fire. You can also write down any messages you want to tell departed loved ones and burn them in the Belfire. The message is said to reach them in the Summerlands.

On our alters we would put things that are of polarity to represent the God and Goddess, Sun and Moon, Male and Female, Masculine and Feminine, light and dark. Black and gold candles to represent the God, and white and silver candles to represent the Goddess. Fill your alters with birds feathers that fall around at this time and any wild plants that may have sprouted.

On Beltane, we celebrate the abundance of the earth. It is a happy time when we give thanks for all we have in our lives and look forward to the bright sunny days ahead. We celebrate the coming together of the God and the Goddess and the gifts they will bestow upon the earth when the Goddess will become pregnant and give birth to the harvest to come.

May your Beltane be memorable and your hearts and spirits be filled to overflowing.

Written credit: Wicca Teachings

Photo Credit: Wicca Teachings

Edited by: Lisa Marino

Full Pink Moon In Libra


Tonight is the Full Pink Moon. The Moon won’t actually be the color pink, the name comes from the herb, moss pink, or wild ground phlox which are bright pink in color, it is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Other names for this month’s Moon are Seed, Wind, Sprouting Grass, Egg, and Fish Moon.

This Full Moon is in the sign of Libra. You can’t hide anything from a Libra, they are natural detectives. This is the time when everything will be brought to light; secrets and lies will be found out. We will see things as they really are.

Libra is an air element, which is all about the intellect and our mind. We will feel sharper and our minds will clear allowing us to see what we could not see before.

In April the thunderstorms of March are beginning to subside, and the wind picks up. Seeds are being blown about on the breezes, spreading life all around from one place to the next. This is a brilliant time to start any new projects or ideas we may have, as our minds will be filled with creativity and the spreading of thoughts and ideas. This is also the perfect time to conceive, as fertility is abundant at this time.

The pull of the past can be strong on this Full Moon. People we haven’t seen for a while may contact us, we may find ourselves thinking of our past and people from long ago. We may find our best intentions going up in smoke as we embrace old habits and fall back into old destructive patterns. Try and be strong and not take the easy option; instead take the road which will give you the best results. Stay away from bad habits or patterns that keep leading you down a certain path of unhappiness. Break the cycle.

Emotions are running high on this Libra Pink Moon. Our smallest emotions can be magnified and intensified making us feel a little overwhelmed at times. This is the time to put your gratitude forth for all the many blessings in your life and to clearly speak aloud your desires. Let what you want be heard by the universe as we step across this edge to the other side, where miracles and magic can happen, dreams can come true. Allow yourself to ask for more.

We are in a powerful time where we are asked to look at what is no longer working in our lives. Where is the old skin stuck and inhibiting our further growth? Where are we surrounded by things, people, situations, attitudes that are actually toxic and need to be burned in the fire, so we can rebirth ourselves like the phoenix does?

Use the light of this Full Moon to cast away negativity and the negative aspects of our lives and let positive and good pour in. Open yourself up and allow your vessel to be filled with the blessings that the universe is sending out right now. Let the winds of Libra blow over your spirit to cleanse and heal you.

Have a blessed Full Moon, and may the Goddess watch over you.

Written credit: Wicca Teachings

Edited by: Lisa Marino

Photo Credit: Unknown

New Moon In Pisces


Tonight is the New Moon in Pisces, heralding in a powerful new start. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It is the end of the astrological year.

This New Moon is truly a new birth of life, inspiration, and ideas. It is energetically connected to our personal evolution, like a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis. The earth is changing now as it wakes to Spring/ We are also waking up to what we need to do to grow and move on in our lives. The energy of transformation is being seeded within each of us now.

This is the perfect New Moon to work with our dreams and visions, with art and dance, music and writing; to let our creative side take over. Pisces is a water element and water forms a doorway to other realms, a way of being which lets us shapeshift into what we want to be. You may find yourself drifting and caught by distraction, unable to focus. Your psyche is pulling you away from the normal world and into a place of the imagination. This is no time to resist or hold back. Let your mind run wild. This is a time to make wishes and go for what you want.

The New Moon in Pisces makes a bold statement, leaving no stone unturned. It may symbolically or directly point the way to a new path that is yet untraveled and shoot you in a new direction. This New Moon will bring wonderful surprises. There will be twists and turns around every corner. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities that may come out of the blue.

The Pisces New Moon will be a very emotional one. We will be feeling everything deeply, we may even find ourselves happy or crying for no reason. We will find it hard to sleep and we may experience weird or unsettling dreams. This is our minds’ way of dealing with our emotions and releasing them.

During the next few days you may experience feelings of anger or a sense of being misunderstood. You may be feeling frustrated and that you need to get moving in your life, that things are happening too slowly. There may be some anxiety and impatience over where you are and where you want to be. People will be acting more assertive and argumentative (traffic, work, relationships, etc). Your pets may start acting strangely. There will be more spirit or ghost sightings. There will be more intense weather patterns happening, such as storms or thunder. Try to stay calm as these will pass. There is a major shift happening right now and we will physically feel the energy.

This New Moon is all about change, it is a breath of much-needed fresh air. There will be a small uncomfortable time of adjustment as we move into the new, but we will come out of it feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Let the waters of Pisces cleanse and heal you. This is a lucky time, so do things that you felt you couldn’t do in the past, be a bit bolder, a bit louder, ask for what you want from the universe, let your thoughts, and desires manifest into something real.

Have a blessed New Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written & photo credit goes to: Wicca Teachings

Edited by: Lisa Marino

Full Snow Moon In Leo

Tonight is The Full Snow Moon, so called because the last snows and frosts of winter will begin to appear around this time. The February Full Moon is also known as the Storm, Chaste, Quickening, or Hunger Moon. It is our wake-up call. During this time, all in nature is pure and full of potential. The hibernating creatures are beginning to slowly arouse themselves, quickening their heartbeats and creeping out of their dormant period. Mother Earth is gently awakening, full of new possibilities. The Snow Moon uses the same force upon us.

There is a gentle pulling upon our consciousness at this time. We become aroused to the latent forces within ourselves. Now is the time to turn the mirror in upon ourselves and see what is reflected. A time to grasp the buds of new paths and ideas and, much like nature, be prepared to welcome life anew.

February’s Full Moon is in Leo, the sign of ambition and creativity. You should feel a rush of energy and want to get things done. The Leo Full Moon’s message is to awaken your heart’s desires and act on your truth, figure out what it really is you want from life, then work out a bold plan in order to achieve it.

This Full Moon can be emotionally charged. Leo is larger than life. Leo rules big emotions. You may feel overly sensitive to the remarks and actions of other people, which may feel pretty intense. If you like things intense, you may well enjoy its spark and energy, but if you’re already feeling somewhat jaded and in need of a rest, it might be a good time to lie low and let the world pass you by for a little while rather than engaging too deeply with it.

The moon will be very bright tonight as it highlights our lives and shows us underneath the masks we all wear on a daily basis. This is a time to harness your inner power and strengths and look to the future, make plans, and be brave in your decisions. The cosmic message is to balance your heart with your head. Find the middle ground in your relationships. Live from your heart, yet, be practical in your approach to your dreams and goals. Plant the seeds of fate within ourselves and watch them develop over the coming months.

The best part of Leo is the inner child. You are to nourish and protect your childlike innocence. You are to be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Be curious about life. Be engaged in the magic of the moment. Be in your heart. Let go of the need to criticize and judge yourself and others, as this will kill your creativity. Instead allow yourself and others to make mistakes, it is the only way we learn what works and what does not work for us. There’s a sense of free spirited enjoyment, a faith in happy outcomes, and the ability to speak from love and the heart.

The Moon is plump with positive energy. There are no negative aspects to this Moon. This is a celebration Moon. Rewards for the hard work and intense striving will come to you.

Leo is a fire sign. Let the fire cleanse and heal you, and burn away any negativity. Mother Earth is transforming as we move from Winter into Spring, and will soon start to blossom and bloom. Let the earth transform you into a beautiful, new direction full of potential.

This is a time for personal growth and deep cleansing and gathering our strength for what’s to come.

Have a blessed Full Moon. May the Goddess watch over you.


Written & photo credit: Wicca Teachings

Editing: Lisa Marino