Shut Down The Stigma

If you want your story to be a part of this, please speak now.

Originated by Lisa Marino~1995-present


Pain peeps: This is important and effects everyone who suffers. It also effects people all over the world. I’d like to do something powerful to make an impact.

Everyone I’ve talked to is deeply concerned about what is going on in this country (U.S.) regarding pain meds and how patients are being treated. I’m a pain patient afraid to seek medical help in a new state, and that’s a problem, too. No one should have to feel this way, but if you heard the horror stories I’m hearing, you’d be hesitant too.

I am going to interview as many people as possible, via phone or e-mail, and write an article for publication. Names can be changed or left anonymous if you’re uncomfortable, but your story is important. If you’re interested, please respond to this post. I will provide you with my personal e-mail address if that’s how you’d like to…

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To Curb Opioid Epidemic, California Bill Would Tax Painkillers To Fund Treatment

Make sure you tax Hollywood’s rampant abuse of painkillers before you attack and attempt to tax pharmacies who will pass the cost onto the patient. By all means, go after heroin suppliers and dealers, but leave legitimate patients alone.


8 Ways Alternative Medicine Hurts Those of Us With Chronic Illnesses

This is SO DAMN TRUE, it’s scary! 😦

Chronically Ridiculous

Since the moment I first got sick the suggestions people gave me were unreal. The suggestions began with “just needing to pray harder” and gradually made their way to biofeedback, grounding, crystals, supplements, and more. I honestly am not sure which was worse, but I do know that suggestions and trying alternative medicine have only made a hard life with chronic illness harder.

1. The Patient Gets Blamed When a Treatment Doesn’t Work

When a doctor gives me a medication and it doesn’t work I don’t get blamed for the failure. However, when I try an alternate medicine I nearly always do get blamed for the failure. When it was biofeedback, I wasn’t trying hard enough or practicing enough. When it was acupuncture, I wasn’t trying to relax hard enough. Even with supplements, I just hadn’t waited long enough for the benefits (no matter how long I waited).

It is…

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