Opioid Prescribing Has Not Changed


Bull-fucking-shit. I don’t know a single person who is being prescribed their medication, unless they exhausted other options first, most of which involved unnecessary surgeries. 😦 It’s an absolute travesty, what they have done to legitimate patients who are suffering.

The longer pain goes untreated, the sooner the body deteriorates internally. I have gone with no pain treatment for six years, despite being diagnosed with multiple pain disorders and permanent Central Nervous System damage. In that time, my body has shown stress and inflammation in my blood work. It has manifested problems that aren’t serious, yet my doctor jumped on one issue like a dog with a bone and made me INSANE for nearly six months straight, to the point where I was barely eating (I’m still not eating a whole hell of a lot, but that’s a different story, entirely.). I can only hope that things will change immensely, and/or that my treatment at another facility will be better.


Shut Down The Stigma


Pain peeps: This is important and effects everyone who suffers. It also effects people all over the world. I’d like to do something powerful to make an impact.

Everyone I’ve talked to is deeply concerned about what is going on in this country (U.S.) regarding pain meds and how patients are being treated. I’m a pain patient afraid to seek medical help in a new state, and that’s a problem, too. No one should have to feel this way, but if you heard the horror stories I’m hearing, you’d be hesitant too.

I am going to interview as many people as possible, via phone or e-mail, and write an article for publication. Names can be changed or left anonymous if you’re uncomfortable, but your story is important. If you’re interested, please respond to this post. I will provide you with my personal e-mail address if that’s how you’d like to be interviewed or we can talk and I can listen to your story, whichever you choose. I am covering ALL pain disorders, no one is being left out.

The more real life stories about patients with pain, the better the article will be. I mean business. Please feel free to tell others I’m doing this by sharing this post (It’s probably the only time I’ll ever encourage mass reblogging.). Let’s shed light on the truth of the matter. There’s a big difference between addicts and patients. It’s time to shut down the stigma.

Bright Blessings & Healing Light to all.

#ShutDownTheStigma #PeopleWithPainMatter