She Was Made From Intuition


Today is my neuro consult I’ve been waiting for since April. I’m going in with my guard up, having read reviews on several different sites that were less than stellar,and that’s polite, for me.

If I didn’t desperately need to be seen (I had exactly two migraine-free days last month) and taken seriously, I would have canceled the appointment and asked for a referral elsewhere, but I want to see how he behaves since this visit only costs me thirty minutes, or less, of my time. I don’t want to be too pessimistic or too optimistic. He could be a great doctor for me, or not. All I can do is show up and find out.

Maybe I’d feel better if I wasn’t so exhausted, stressed, etc. But the truth is; I am all of those things, and more.

Good or bad, I’ll probably write about it. We shall see. I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday! 🙂