Tomato Festival 2018

Here are some photos I took at this year’s Tomato Festival in Lexington, Massachusetts. Wilson Farm has featured my photos before from various events on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If ever you’re in Eastern Massachusetts and want a cool place to visit during Spring, Summer, or Fall, just Google them. It’s easy to find and you’ll enjoy the farm-to-table freshness they offer.

I tried capturing all the different types of Heirloom Tomatoes available this year. I didn’t even know this many types existed, and I’m certain I missed some as there were a lot of people crowded around these tables. I included a couple of shots from “The Berry Table” because the colors spoke to me, and I enjoy photographing daily things in my own way.










At least this year, I was not inundated with pumpkins. I don’t want to see one until October 1st. There have to be some rules! #ImBanningPumpkinSpiceUntilFallStarts


These photos are copyright © 2018 by Lisa Marino & Blackbird Serenity, LLC. They are also protected under the Digital Millennium copyright act. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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