New Moon In Leo


Tonight is the New Moon in Leo. We welcome this shift of creative and passionate energy that this New Moon will brings us.

The Leo New Moon is about power. It is about taking control of our lives and pushing ourselves further than we thought we could go. True power is living and acting from who we really are and what we really want. When we express our passions and our joys without apology or fear, we are being our true self and this is where happiness comes from; don’t hold back. Be creative and let your creative juices flow. Take a walk on the wild side of life and get out of your comfort zone. If you stay in the same place and keep doing the same things, you will never move on or improve where you are.

All the inner work you have focused on this year will now be the foundation for bringing more power, love, and energy into your life in this forward-moving period. When the Moon is in this constellation sign it means standing in the center and receiving all the universe is ready to gift you, so you can then open your hands and your heart and take your universal gifts. This is a particularly lucky New Moon, so don’t be afraid to go for the things you want. Lady luck is shining on you right now.

Leo is the sign of ambition, so think big and dream big as this New Moon is going to give you much needed energy and a boost of luck. Go for things you may not have had the courage to go for before. Push your boundaries a little and ask for more.

This New Moon we will be feeling emotional as fiery Leo brings its strong passion and intense feelings. Our smallest emotions can feel magnified, don’t repress these emotions; let them out and use them to guide you as our emotions are also our truths.

On this New Moon we can truly bring in change and transform ourselves into who we want to be. We will feel braver and more confident than usual. Luck will be on your side. We will have renewed energy to complete tasks and get things done. The fire of Leo is burning brightly now, let the flames cleanse your spirit and burn away any negativity. Be positive and open yourself up to allow the good to come in to your life.

Have a blessed New Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written & photo credit: Wicca Teachings

Edited by: Lisa Marino 


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