Welcome To Caturday


Today is the first Caturday in a long time where I’m just hanging out, praying for rain because I need the pressure to drop for my migraine to break a little. 😦 Cat has tried comforting me the majority of the day, sitting on me like she thinks she’s hatching eggs, but I can’t move my neck and I’m in so much pain I contemplated murdering the sanitation workers when they came to pick up the trash this morning. I was lying here at the time praying for the pain to end, and the second the truck came up the street, it was as if someone parked Times Square inside my skull. I still can’t get the noise to stop. Yes, people have to live, but am I supposed to just hide in a bunker every day of my life?!

Needless to say, this week has been AWFUL for me. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better tomorrow for the Grand Opening of Witch City Wicks. I’ve attached the link if you’re interested in hand-crafted soy candles. BLACK Lavender is my favorite, but I’ll probably find some new ones tomorrow, providing I’m feeling okay. It might just be nice to be near the ocean.

I hope everyone is having a good day. I’ll be back ASAP with something new I’m working on.



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