New Moon In Pisces


Tonight is the New Moon in Pisces, heralding in a powerful new start. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It is the end of the astrological year.

This New Moon is truly a new birth of life, inspiration, and ideas. It is energetically connected to our personal evolution, like a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis. The earth is changing now as it wakes to Spring/ We are also waking up to what we need to do to grow and move on in our lives. The energy of transformation is being seeded within each of us now.

This is the perfect New Moon to work with our dreams and visions, with art and dance, music and writing; to let our creative side take over. Pisces is a water element and water forms a doorway to other realms, a way of being which lets us shapeshift into what we want to be. You may find yourself drifting and caught by distraction, unable to focus. Your psyche is pulling you away from the normal world and into a place of the imagination. This is no time to resist or hold back. Let your mind run wild. This is a time to make wishes and go for what you want.

The New Moon in Pisces makes a bold statement, leaving no stone unturned. It may symbolically or directly point the way to a new path that is yet untraveled and shoot you in a new direction. This New Moon will bring wonderful surprises. There will be twists and turns around every corner. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities that may come out of the blue.

The Pisces New Moon will be a very emotional one. We will be feeling everything deeply, we may even find ourselves happy or crying for no reason. We will find it hard to sleep and we may experience weird or unsettling dreams. This is our minds’ way of dealing with our emotions and releasing them.

During the next few days you may experience feelings of anger or a sense of being misunderstood. You may be feeling frustrated and that you need to get moving in your life, that things are happening too slowly. There may be some anxiety and impatience over where you are and where you want to be. People will be acting more assertive and argumentative (traffic, work, relationships, etc). Your pets may start acting strangely. There will be more spirit or ghost sightings. There will be more intense weather patterns happening, such as storms or thunder. Try to stay calm as these will pass. There is a major shift happening right now and we will physically feel the energy.

This New Moon is all about change, it is a breath of much-needed fresh air. There will be a small uncomfortable time of adjustment as we move into the new, but we will come out of it feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Let the waters of Pisces cleanse and heal you. This is a lucky time, so do things that you felt you couldn’t do in the past, be a bit bolder, a bit louder, ask for what you want from the universe, let your thoughts, and desires manifest into something real.

Have a blessed New Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written & photo credit goes to: Wicca Teachings

Edited by: Lisa Marino


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