Full Snow Moon In Leo

Tonight is The Full Snow Moon, so called because the last snows and frosts of winter will begin to appear around this time. The February Full Moon is also known as the Storm, Chaste, Quickening, or Hunger Moon. It is our wake-up call. During this time, all in nature is pure and full of potential. The hibernating creatures are beginning to slowly arouse themselves, quickening their heartbeats and creeping out of their dormant period. Mother Earth is gently awakening, full of new possibilities. The Snow Moon uses the same force upon us.

There is a gentle pulling upon our consciousness at this time. We become aroused to the latent forces within ourselves. Now is the time to turn the mirror in upon ourselves and see what is reflected. A time to grasp the buds of new paths and ideas and, much like nature, be prepared to welcome life anew.

February’s Full Moon is in Leo, the sign of ambition and creativity. You should feel a rush of energy and want to get things done. The Leo Full Moon’s message is to awaken your heart’s desires and act on your truth, figure out what it really is you want from life, then work out a bold plan in order to achieve it.

This Full Moon can be emotionally charged. Leo is larger than life. Leo rules big emotions. You may feel overly sensitive to the remarks and actions of other people, which may feel pretty intense. If you like things intense, you may well enjoy its spark and energy, but if you’re already feeling somewhat jaded and in need of a rest, it might be a good time to lie low and let the world pass you by for a little while rather than engaging too deeply with it.

The moon will be very bright tonight as it highlights our lives and shows us underneath the masks we all wear on a daily basis. This is a time to harness your inner power and strengths and look to the future, make plans, and be brave in your decisions. The cosmic message is to balance your heart with your head. Find the middle ground in your relationships. Live from your heart, yet, be practical in your approach to your dreams and goals. Plant the seeds of fate within ourselves and watch them develop over the coming months.

The best part of Leo is the inner child. You are to nourish and protect your childlike innocence. You are to be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Be curious about life. Be engaged in the magic of the moment. Be in your heart. Let go of the need to criticize and judge yourself and others, as this will kill your creativity. Instead allow yourself and others to make mistakes, it is the only way we learn what works and what does not work for us. There’s a sense of free spirited enjoyment, a faith in happy outcomes, and the ability to speak from love and the heart.

The Moon is plump with positive energy. There are no negative aspects to this Moon. This is a celebration Moon. Rewards for the hard work and intense striving will come to you.

Leo is a fire sign. Let the fire cleanse and heal you, and burn away any negativity. Mother Earth is transforming as we move from Winter into Spring, and will soon start to blossom and bloom. Let the earth transform you into a beautiful, new direction full of potential.

This is a time for personal growth and deep cleansing and gathering our strength for what’s to come.

Have a blessed Full Moon. May the Goddess watch over you.


Written & photo credit: Wicca Teachings

Editing: Lisa Marino


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