Protecting Yourself From Fibromylagia Cure Scams

Protecting Yourself From Fibromyalgia Cure Scams

I had a woman blatantly attack me about “not wanting to be cured” and “enjoying my pain” because I knew she was trying to scam people, and called her out on it. Her claims of curing herself with things I’ve already done was enough to enrage me after a few hours. Thankfully, others asked her for scientific evidence and medical evidence that she was indeed cured. Her answer? “None of you want to be cured. Enjoy your pain! I have a GREAT life now.”

If you truly want to help people; you don’t spew nonsense, attack, or say vile things to them.

Fibromyalgia is progressive. I wish I had focused more on that when I was initially diagnosed as opposed to thinking “It’s not Lupus. Thank you, G-d.” Today, in the darkness of mourning someone, I wish I knew 100% that it’s ONLY Fibromyalgia. I don’t believe it is; not any more. Here’s hoping I find out soon. 😦


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