Today’s flare-up is brought to me by my brother. I am thisclose (not a typo, it’s intentional) to cutting him out of my life completely. He is so fucking selfish sometimes and refuses to understand that getting quality rest determines my days and nights, and pain levels. When I tell someone at 6:00 PM or so that I have to be in bed before early, that means you cannot text me incessantly and call demanding “just five minutes” because you want something I already told you was not going to happen.

If you cannot respect me enough to give me space to rest and decompress, then you cannot be a part of my life.

The pain is so bad that I am rescheduling my appointment for this afternoon because I am concerned for myself pain-wise; imagining that between the pain and the cold, I won’t make it there and back safely. Tomorrow is another day. 😦 I, however, don’t have to be happy about it.



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