Money Is Not The Problem In The World

“Money is not the problem in the world; hard hearts are the real problem — the hard hearts of both the rich and the poor. Unkind and selfish people, whether they be rich or poor, live in abject poverty. Yes, you have permission to make money — lots of it. Let your wealth aid in funding your passions, visions, and hopes for others. And like all energy, such as time, effort, money, and thought — spend it compassionately, purposefully, and in service of others. For those who say money is evil or that it hardens your heart; speak for yourself — that’s only your relationship with money. Money only magnifies and extends who you already are. Negative people who criticize and judge others just because they have money, spend their scant resources of time and effort foolishly and with a mean spirit. I became rich because I have a rich heart. I became wealthy because I spent my poverty well and kindly.” —Bryant McGill


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