Get Up!

“Get up…dust off the negativity and complaints of life. Bust through the hard times. Run like a sprinter through the difficult times, run with endurance and hope for your future through the painful times. Pound each step with power through each of your troubles. You ain’t no lazy sucker that’s gonna let life beat you up! You’re a champion and you need to charge through life with the fury that nothing and no one is gonna stop you. Not negativity, problems, people, heartache, setbacks, depression, sadness…. You decide now: you’re choosing to be positive! You’re gonna make today great, you’re gonna find good things to talk and think about. Big things and hopes and dreams to focus on! Quit listening to negative people and negative things…. Your mind is what you feed it. Negativity and hopelessness, or positivity, hope, and love. You choose with each word, thought, and comment. Start busting through the negative junk and people in the world. Run so fast and powerful with your positivity that nothing can stick or stay with you. You don’t have time to listen or think about it. GO, go live with joy, power, and strength….run hard through the troubles! You’ve got big things waiting for you.” -Kandee Johnson


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