Losing Friends Because Of Chronic Pain


The author has more hope than I do about people accepting me as I am, as 95% of the so-called people in my life walked away a long time ago. Please follow her blog: https://invisibleillnessbattle.wordpress.com/



3 thoughts on “Losing Friends Because Of Chronic Pain

  1. We learn who our friends are during our highest and lowest points in our lives. A lot of people have a hard time supporting each others’ happiness or pain. I’ll never understand why.
    I’ve also lost friendships since my illness started, but I prefer to look at it from the perspective that those people were never my friends and I’m no longer investing myself and wasting my time on people who don’t deserve it.


    • I hear you! Unfortunately for me, I am mostly referring to my family. 😦 Friends, on occasion, come and go, but family should stick together. I am learning I have exactly one reliable family member and that’s it. It’s been a very difficult thing to realize, as it just occurred this week.


      • I’m sorry to learn that we share this experience. I’ve been let down by family too. Sadly, it’s just a continuation of behaviour I’ve been subjected to since childhood so I don’t think much about it. The loss of support from my friends hurts more I think because they were people I chose to include in my life, whereas family you don’t get that privilege to choose.
        I hope it gets better for you


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