Melatonin and Migraines: Does It Work?

I got the most restful sleep earlier this week by taking a 5 milligram dose of Melatonin. I’d previously taken smaller doses and only managed to get 4-5 hours of sleep, which isn’t what my body needs. Based on my calculations, the 5 milligram tablet is a very small dose, but it was life-changing. I slept solidly for nearly 12 hours and felt rested the following day, as opposed to desperately wanting a nap by noon, and I was not the least bit groggy. I had more energy, less pain, but I have had a migraine on a loop since the 18th, so I can’t say it improved my migraines, though it did give me the restorative sleep autoimmune sufferers often lack.

The heat wave hitting the Boston area is making me deathly ill, which is precisely why I am awake at 1:30 in the morning unable to sleep. The forecast of this heat is predicted for days, but I am looking forward to the nights that drop into the 60’s. 72 degrees at this hour is horrible. The heat and humidity are pressing into my skull and it’s too late to take the Melatonin, but I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who’d like to regulate their sleep patterns without the use of OTC medicine. I also recommend doing a little research before purchasing. I cannot remember where I bought this bottle, but I don’t recall it being overly expensive. I believe it was roughly $7 or less for 90 tablets and you only need to take one, so to me, it’s more than worth it.


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