Characterize People

This week I learned that people don’t have the same capacity for love that I do. I will never expect anyone to be as genuine as I am ever again. When people say they’ll always be there for you, but they avoid you like the plague when you need them the most, that’s not okay. Or when they turn on you like a rabid dog because you’ve crossed some unknown boundary you did not know existed. If you’re a real friend, don’t say you love me unless you truly know what the word means. If you’re a family member and you say it, please know that from now on, I’m not going to believe you unless I see it for myself via genuine actions. When words feel empty & hollow, it’s probably because they are. I’m not demonizing anyone, but I’m also not going to be anyone’s emotional punching bag. I may not be perfect, but I’m also not some evil, calculating bitch either.

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