Migraine Drugs Underused, Research Suggests


I don’t know how true this is for all sufferers, as our experiences are all so different.

I’ve taken every migraine medication available and only two were successful, albeit not for the long-haul. Topamax, at a low dose, reduced my migraines by about 70% almost immediately. When it stopped working, I had already gotten a good ten years out of it and I have tried going back on it over the past six years, but have had difficulties with the side effects, whereas initially, I had only two noticeable and annoying side effects which were easy to manage. Relpax is the only prophylactic on the market that is successful and sadly, half a Vicodin is sometimes 100% successful at relieving a migraine.

If you need a good way to track your migraines, I HIGHLY recommend Migraine Buddy for Android or iPhone. It is so detailed and so helpful at tracking things you might not think of. Every time they update it, it becomes even more helpful. It’s free to download and your info can be e-mailed to your physician, which is beyond amazing in my book.

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